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Bright Funds powers a technology platform that makes workplace giving, volunteerism, and grants management more effective for companies, more meaningful for employees, and more impactful for the world

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A brighter experience

Our personalized, intuitive platform is built for today’s employees, creating a more engaging user experience that inspires adoption.

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Consider us an extension of your team, from deployment to ongoing initiatives and product updates.
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Powerful insights

We go beyond standard reporting tools, offering you expertise and strategic collaboration through our Client Experience services.
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Commitment to innovation

Through our curated funds, impact updates, and more, we’re redefining how people connect with the causes that matter to them.



  • Payroll, HRIS, SSO Integration
  • Real-Time Reporting Tools
  • Platform Trainings
  • Seamless, Secure Payment Distribution
  • Comprehensive Program Management


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  • Curated Cause-Based Funds
  • Employee Grants & Giving Credits
  • Rapid Disaster Response Campaigns
  • Philanthropy Toolkit & Nonprofit Updates


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  • Nonprofit-Posted Opportunities
  • Skills-Based Opportunities
  • Dollars for Doers & Volunteerism Grants
  • Real-Time Updates

Grants Management

  • Intuitive User Experience
  • Integrated Impact Reporting
  • Streamlined Nonprofit Communications
  • Program Resources & Budgeting Tools
  • Customizable Workflows & Administration


Read our white paper on the evolving role of workplace giving programs.

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Our work gets noticed

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Focus their efforts

Our intuitive skills-based volunteerism tool uncovers relevant opportunities, offering personalized recommendations that help employees give their time and talents.


Understand their impact

Employees can see how their donation is making a difference. Our team delivers updates from nonprofits to give people insight into their positive impact on the world.

Foundation funds


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"Our partnership with Bright Funds extends beyond their best-in-class technology: Bright Funds is a true extension of our team in both thought leadership and the day-to-day execution of our programs."

Bryan Breckenridge, Executive Director of

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